Product SKU DH-DHI-ASI7213Y


Face Recognition Access Control and Time Attendance Terminal



· 7 inch LCD, touchscreen, resolution 1024 (H) × 600 (V).
· Human face images, cards, and passowrds can be recorded to the face recognition access standalone.

· Support unlock through face, card (ID/IC card), password, and their combinations; and support unlock in certain periods.
· With face detection box; the largest face among faces that appear at the same time is recognized first; the maximum face size can be configured on the web.
· Face recognition distance is 0.3 m–2 m, human height range is 1.1 m–2.4 m.
· Face verification accuracy>99%; face comparison speed ≤0.5s per person; false recognition rate<0.1%.
· Profile faces can be recognized; face recognition angle can be adjusted, the range is 0°–90°.
· Supports 30, 000 users, 30, 000 cards, 30, 000 passwords, and 50 administrators.
· Support liveness detection.
· Supports duress alarm, tamper alarm, intrusion alarm, door contact timeout alarm, and illegal card exceeding time alarm.
· Has six user levels: general users, patrol users, blacklist users, VIP users, guests, and disabled users.
· Attendance records can be uploaded to the management platform.



System Parameter
User Interface : 7 inch touchscreen
Communication Method :TCP/IP, Wi-Fi
Liquid Crystal Display : 7 inch, 350 cd/m²
Screen Resolution: 1024 (H) × 600 (V)
Lens : 2 MP double lens
WDR : Support
Light Compensation : Adjustable white light

RS-485 Port : 1
Alarm Input : 2
Alarm Output:  2
Lock Control:  1 set
Door Contact:  1 set
Exit Button : 1
Tamper Switch:  1 set
Network Interface:  1

USB: Port 1
Wiegand Protocol:  26, 34, 66

Alarm Parameter
Tamper Alarm:  Support
Duress Alarm:  Support
Door Sensor Timeout Alarm: Support
Illegal intrusion: Support
Illegal Card Exceeding Time Alarm: Support

User Parameter
User Parameter :Support
Duress Card (user): Support
Patrol Card (user) :Support
VIP Card (user): Support
Guest Card (user): Support
Card for the Disabled (user): Support
Black and White List Setting: Support

Unlock Mode: Face recognition, password, card and their combinations
Card Reader Type: Model ASI7213Y: IC card, Model ASI7213Y-D: ID card
Card Reading Distance:  1 cm–5 cm (0.03 ft–0.16 ft)
Human Height: 1.1 m–2.4 m (3.61 ft–7.87 ft)
Face Recognition Configuration: Support
Face Recognition Distance 0.3 m–2 m (0.98 ft–6.56 ft)
Face Recognition Accuracy Rate: >99%
Face Recognition Speed: ≤0.5s/face
Face Image Quantity: 10, 000
Duress Card :Support
Duress Password :Support
Advertisement Display:  Advertisements can be displayed
Network Update: Online update
OSDP Protocol :Support
Period List :128
Holiday Period :128
External Card Reader:  1 set Wiegand and 1 set RS-485
Real-Time Monitor : Support
Remote Verification: Support
Multiple Verification: Support
Anti-Passback : Support
First Card Unlock: Support
Alarm Linkage:  Support
System Parameter Configuration: Support
Rated Power 12V DC
Rated Current 2A


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